República de Moçambique
Ministério do Mar, Águas Interiores e Pescas


It consists of the written warranty, issued by the Competent Authority, in confirming that a product, process or service meets all the requirements of sanitary quality required.

Health certification is made for exported products, for imported products and intended for circulation within the country (internal circulation).

The certification is confirmed by the issue of different certification documents as follows:

  • Health Certificate – for products to be exported;
  • License health – for imported products;
  • Verification Statement – items intended for circulation within the country;
  • Bulletin of Inspection – for small quantities of products (maximum 6 kg) transported out of the country without any commercial purpose.
  • The application for certification is made in the INIP Delegations / Representations in the provinces or institutions to which the INIP delegate its powers.

This activity is mainly carried out under coverage of Articles 35 to 40 of the General Regulation for the Hygiene and Sanitary Control of Aquatic Food Stuffs (Decree 76/2009 of 15 December), the Requirements for Hygiene and Sanitary Health Certification and the Health Certification Procedures against an amount approved by Order of June 2, 2004.

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