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It is the process of verifying whether the conditions of production units allow the processing of the fish in hygiene and sanitary conditions in accordance with legal requirements on food production.

All operators in the value chain including: docks, boats, freeze storage or refrigeration, transportation, processing establishments and places of selling fish wholesale are subject to sanitary licensing by INIP.

All permit applications must be made in official form and submitted to the INIP Delegation / Representation in the province in which the proposed unit to be licensed is located.

When the request involves the construction and/or modification of an establishment for the processing of fish, if approval is granted a sanitary license for installation and/or modification is issued.

After the construction and/or modification of the establishment the company must request an inspection to confirm that the facilities were built and/or modified in accordance with the plan approved and that the equipment conforms to current food legislation. At that time a provisional sanitary license is given which is valid for three months, so the company can test the equipment and train workers.

After this period a new survey is made that will determine whether the company can receive a permanent sanitary license, that is valid for two years, and also indicate the markets the establishment is allowed to put its final product. To the fishing boats a sanitary license expires December 31st of each year.

Throughout the year the production unit is subjected to routine surveys for monitoring their activities and maintenance of sanitary conditions of operation. Where appropriate the reclassification is made of the plant in relation to which market can allocate their production or even, in extreme cases, temporarily or permanently suspended the sanitary license for functioning.

This activity is mainly regulated by Articles 16 and 34 of the General Regulation for the Hygiene and Sanitary Control of Aquatic Food Stuffs (Decree 76/2009 of 15 December) and the Licensing Procedures for Vessels and Procedures for Sanitary Licensing for Establishments and the table of prices for the services of licensing approved by Order of June 2, 2004.

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